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Dandong Dawang is a professional investment castings factory in china. Precision investment casting is a highly precise casting process. Through advanced technology and equipment, we inject molten metal into precision molds to produce complex shapes and high-precision metal parts.

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Advantages of Investment Casting

High Precision
Capable of producing parts with complex shapes and high precision

We provide custom designed solutions.

Smooth Finish
Excellent surface quality, reducing subsequent processing procedures.

Freedom of Design
It can realize complex structure design and improve the performance of parts.

High-quality material
Provide high-quality, uniform material characteristics.

Vast Size Range
Investment casting allows for both large and small casts.

Investment Casting Process



Wax Injection


Large Shell Making


Small Shell Making









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Equipment Capacity

At present, six automatic double-station core shooting machine sets and two single-station core shooting machine sets are available at Dawang Castings. These machines can produce a variety of castings with an overall dimension of 1000mm x 1000 mm and a unit weight of no more than 100Kg thanks to their 1200mm × 1200 mm maximum tooling installation capacity.

Quality Assurance

Dawang Castings’s first goal is to ensure the products’ quality. We maintained our reputation by providing the best quality products for decades. However, to reduce the impact of human factors and guarantee product consistency, the production process uses a combination of parameterized control and standardized procedures.

Latest Tooling Facility

Dawang Castings continues to invest in cutting-edge technology to produce increasingly complicated parts for its clients. As a result, we can create any casting, even those with intricate moulds. However, the tooling in Dawang Castings is made of high-quality alloy cast iron, which has a small thermal expansion coefficient, small thermal deformation, good strength, and wear resistance, so the accuracy and consistency of the product are well guaranteed.

Investment Castings Samples

alloy steel casting

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Applications of Investment Casting

Investment casting is an advanced manufacturing technology. With investment casting we can produce complex, precise metal components. The application of investment casting cover many key industries, including aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, electronic equipment and energy fields.


Agricultural Machinery


Construction Machinery

Forestry Machinery

Automobile Industry


Industrial Machinery

Shipbuilding Industry


Renewable Energy

Aerospace Industry

High-end Equipment

Scientific Research

These are some of the main fields of application of castings produced by the precision casting process, whether in common or special fields, rely on high-precision, complex-shaped parts, thus reflecting the important position of precision casting in modern industry.

With its high precision, we can guarantee complex shape and high quality. Precision casting plays an important role in the above fields and continues to promote the development of modern industry


1. How does investment casting differ from traditional casting methods?

In contrast to conventional sand casting or other casting processes, investment casting places a strong emphasis on detail and accuracy. It employs durable, high-temperature-resistant metal molds that enable the production of thinner, lighter, and more precise components, reducing the need for subsequent machining operations and minimizing material wastage.

2. Why choose investment casting?

Investment casting is highly regarded for its superior surface finish, precise dimensional control, and outstanding mechanical properties. Widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical devices, and energy, precision casting meets the rigorous requirements of applications demanding precision and performance.

3. How is quality ensured in investment casting?

Quality control is paramount throughout the precision casting process. Rigorous material testing, meticulous mold manufacturing, process monitoring during casting, and final product inspections ensure that every casting conforms to design specifications and industry standards. This stringent quality control guarantees product reliability and performance.

4. Is investment casting suitable for my project?

Investment casting is ideal for projects that require high precision and quality castings. If your project involves complex geometries, exceptionally smooth surface finishes, precise dimensional tolerances, or specialized materials, precision casting may be the optimal choice. We can provide customized investment casting solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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