Global Top Metal Casting Foundries

metal casting foundries
In 2018, the global metal casting market was worth 123.8 billion U.S. dollars. It was expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.3% from 2019 to 2025. The increased demand for metal casting services is expected to drive market growth during the forecast period.
Metal casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold or sand mold to obtain the desired shape. It helps to produce complex large metal parts for various industrial applications. Strict regulations on vehicle pollution and energy efficiency requirements are driving the development of metal casting companies.

The following are the global top metal casting foundries and metal casting companies compiled for everyone.


Iron Casting Foundry

The Lodge Foundry

Lodge Cast Iron is the oldest iron casting foundry in the United States, originally named Blacklock. Its history can be traced back to 1896, when the founder Joseph Lodge started a long-dormant railroad foundry in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.
Today, this iron casting foundry is still in operation. Lodge Cast Iron specializes in manufacturing irons, teapots, kitchen sinks, and cast iron cookware. And it has created diversified cast iron cookware series through an ancient process called sand molding.
Over the years, it has undergone significant changes and improvements, but the overall method of manufacturing high-quality cast iron cookware has remained unchanged.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. is an iron casting foundry that provides the highest quality inventory; and custom-designed cast iron products for construction site furnishings, traffic management, and industrial applications.
It was initially established in 1925 by four foundry workers. And it also provided parts for Allied warfare during World War II. Since its establishment, Reliance Foundry has rapidly grown into a high-profile cast iron supplier in North America; providing outdoor products and metal casting services to North American customers. It is currently the largest iron casting foundry in Vancouver to perform contracts for municipalities and companies in the mining and forestry industries.

Versa-Bar company

Versa-Bar is one of the well-known metal casting foundries that provide metal casting services in the United States.
They most commonly use their products in the fluid power, bearing, model, and machine component manufacturing industries. Versa-Bar cast iron is very durable and reduces production costs, making it very suitable for manufacturing machine parts.
In addition, customers can also customize cast iron and bronze parts and enjoy the versatility of metal casting services.

Stainless Steel Casting Foundry

Dawang Steel Casting Foundry

Dandong Dawang steel casting is a leading steel casting foundry of high-precision; high-complexity stainless steel casting products and machined parts in China.
Dawang’s metal casting services include manufacturing stainless steel castings;alloy steel castings, carbon steel castings, manganese steel castings, and other metal casting products.
With decades of experience in steel casting, the products of this Stainless steel casting foundry span multiple industries; including but not limited to agriculture, automotive and railway, petrochemical, and construction industries.

Aluminum Casting Foundry

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

WAF was established in 1909 and is an aluminum casting foundry that provides aluminum-based and copper-based alloy castings from all walks of life.
As a one-stop vertical service aluminum casting company; a key advantage of Wisconsin Aluminium Foundry is the ability to cooperate with customer engineering departments to optimize the design of parts before producing any aluminum casting molds to achieve a win-win situation.
At the same time, it has achieved further success in the field of aluminum-based cutting-edge technology; including real-time X-ray inspection and magma solidification modeling to verify the gating system.

Leitelt Brothers Inc.

In 1908, brothers Charles and Edwin Leitelt formed a partnership and engaged in Brass, Bronze, and Aluminum casting foundry. At this time, Leitelt Brothers Inc. specialized in heavy-duty castings, ranging from a ½ pound up to 1 ton; that serviced the rolling mill, marine, and architectural industries.

Today, this aluminum casting foundry can cast ten different brass and bronze alloys and six other aluminum alloys. AutoDesk, Master Cam, and Solid Works computer software enable Leitelt Brothers to work closely with mechanical and production engineers during the critical design phases of aluminum casting projects.

Aluminum Die Casting Company

PHB Incorporated

PHB Inc. is an aluminum casting company headquartered in the United States that provides a full range of metal casting services for aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, and tool and mold industries.
 PHB’s Pennsylvania aluminum die casting company produces castings for some of the largest original equipment manufacturers in the United States, ranging from lighting to automobiles, electrical appliances, and the US military.
Taking full advantage of 100 years of die-casting experience, PHB solves the problem of active die-casting by turning complex design specifications into reality for customers. From mold design and testing to component manufacturing, finishing and packaging, PHB provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for those who need aluminum or zinc die castings.

Brass Casting Foundry

Belmont Metals company

George Henning founded Belmont Metals in 1896 on Belmont Avenue in Brooklyn as a metal foundry. Today, Belmont Metals is a metal casting company that provides very diverse metal casting services and recognizes various non-ferrous metal compositions and forms.
 Starting as a supplier of prefabricated secondary materials, Belmont expanded into the manufacture of non-ferrous metal ingots (mainly brass)-initially lead and zinc alloys. Soon afterward, added solder, babbitt alloys, brass, and bronze. In addition, Belmont now operates a series of electric induction and gas melting equipment starting from the coke oven.

Wieland Chase company

The history of Wieland Chase can be traced back to 1837, and it is now recognized as one of the most efficient metal casting foundries made by brass rod mills in North America.
The iconic lead-free* workable alloy C693 of this brass casting foundry, ECO BRASS®, is sold under the brand Green Dot® Rod. The ecological brass produced by Wieland’s brass casting foundry is resistant to dezincification, stress corrosion cracking, wear resistance, and high strength.
Their brass is lead-free, has excellent machinability, forge ability, and high strength equivalent to stainless steel. At the same time, they eliminated the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification. In addition, Wieland’s steel casting foundry provides brass profiles with hexagonal, round, square, and rectangular brass rods and rods.

Bunty LLC company

Bunty LLC was established in 2000 and has passed AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and CVMSDC certifications. This brass casting foundry provides services for the automotive, aerospace, energy, and medical industries.
 Bunty has grown from a contract manufacturing company to a full-service cast metal parts manufacturing company. With domestic and foreign manufacturing, warehousing, and inspection facilities, their expertise in brass metal parts and excellent products has won an excellent reputation in the industry.

J. Walter Miller Company

Since 1887, J. Walter Miller has been a metal casting foundries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lean principles allow them to simplify the setup time to provide maximum flexibility and a very competitive price.
Walter’s metal casting foundries serve a wide range of industries, including fire protection, valve manufacturing, pumps and pressure equipment, decoration, art, and electrical components.
Because of the unique properties of brass and the cost-effectiveness of the brass casting process, Walter has become a popular choice for parts for various industrial applications in the United States.

Zinc Die Casting Company

Dynacast Company

Dynacast is a zinc die casting manufacturer of precision engineering metal parts under Form Technologies.

Utilizing proprietary zinc die-casting technology, Dynacast provides complete metal casting services and solutions for many industries;including automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare.

Dynacast currently operates 21 zinc die casting companies in 16 countries and regions and consistently provides value through engineering expertise, efficient operations, and advanced quality planning systems.

Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Pace Industries

Pace Industries, a company specializing in zinc die casting, offers various zinc die casting approaches that range from the ability to produce small, miniature zinc die castings to larger, conventional castings.
The Pace is North America’s leading full-service aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, and zinc die casting manufacturer.
Since 1970, Pace has been producing the highest quality die-cast parts and components for major customers and is committed to expanding manufacturing possibilities.

Titanium Casting Company

FS Precision company

FS Precision is the most responsive and collaborative titanium casting company and supplier in the aerospace and defense industries in an industry dominated by only a few large enterprise groups.
Not only that, but FS Precision is also an emerging global metal casting company for fixed-wing, human-crewed, and uncrewed aircraft and keyspace launch and defense systems.
 Airbus, Blue Origin, Eaton Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and many other air transportation technology leaders rely on FS to provide critical engine installation, navigation control, structure, fuel distribution, and corrosion protection solutions.

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