A review meeting is held within the technical department to review the specific details, determine the gating system and verify it through the simulation system software MAGMA.

The technical department develops the mould, and the quality department uses the coordinate measuring machine to carry out the dimensional inspection.

All metal materials are 100% inspected by the QA team. Unqualified materials are strictly prohibited from entering the warehouse.

There is currently one wax pattern shift. The workshop uses an automatic waxing machine to set the waxing pressure, holding time, and etc.

The workshop has 4 automatic production lines and can produce 1800 sets of shells. We use hygrothermograph, aerometer and PH monitor for monitoring the humiture and the concentration of liquor aluminum chloride.

Four 500KG furnaces cast at the same time, and three additional 500KG furnaces are ready for use when capacity increases. The operators measure the temperature of the molten steel.

The workshop is fully equipped with 8 heat treatment furnaces, 3 quenching furnaces, 1 central shot blasting machine and 11 large shot blasting machines.

The technical department develops workshop control plans and product operations guide book, and there are specialists who check each parameter on a daily basis. The target is inspected and kept on record.

All blanks' dimensions are checked by using CMMs. We have a wide range of equipments for inspections. The company's quality department has certified employees to do UT, PT, and MT testing.

Methods for product testing include workers‘ self-inspection, first and last inspection, full inspection and other means, in order to ensure the processed products are qualified.

The warehouse manager follows the company's finished-product-warehouse management guidelines, classifies and stores according to customer and product requirements, which avoids problems such as product mixing, scratching, or shipment error.

The technical department reviews the packaging requirements and develops instructions. We use the bubble film to isolate the products to ensure no bumps. Specific products can be specially packaged according to customer requirements.

The information registration of the transportation vehicle shall be checked in, and the product shall be covered by the tarpaulin after the loading.

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1.6m large vertical lathes

110 Large Boring Machine

130 Large Boring Machine

KH63G horizontal machining center

80G Horizontal machining center


casting foundries

Auto Sand Casting Mode Line (1)

casting foundries

Auto Sand Casting Mode Line (2)

medium frequency induction melting furnace (1)

medium frequency induction melting furnace (2)

Quenching Furnace (1)

Quenching Furnace (2)

Quenching Furnace (3)

Sand Treatment and Regeneration System (1)

casting process

Sand Treatment and Regeneration System (2)

Sand Treatment and Regeneration System (3)


Hardness Tester

Impact Testing Machine

Magnetic Tester



Universal Tester

Burning Shell Machine

Dewaxing machine1

Dewaxing machine2

Intermediate Frequency Furnace1

Investment Casting VS. Sand Casting

Intermediate Frequency Furnace2

Shell Making Mechanical Arm

Wax Injection Machine1

Wax Injection Machine2

Shell Mold Machine1

Shell mold Machine2


State of the Art

Learn more about our equipments and capabilities here. Besides those equipments listed, we are also constantly upgrading our facilities and equipments. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.