Global Top Metal Casting Companies

The global metal casting market will be worth $12.38 billion in 2023. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2022 to 2032. With the booming castings industry, the market is witnessing an increasing demand for metal casting companies. The global casting market is currently characterized by the presence of diverse international and regional manufacturers. Metal casting companies continuously invest in developing new technologies and products to remain cost-effective and competitive.
There are hundreds of die cast manufacturers in the market, but this article will detail the top metal casting companies in the world today. The following are the top ten metal casting companies in the world.
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Iron Casting Foundry


The Lodge Foundry

Lodge Cast Iron is the oldest metal casting company in the United States, known initially as Blacklock, and its history dates back to 1896.
Today, this die cast manufacturer specializes in irons, teapots, and cast iron cookware. And it creates a diverse line of cast iron cookware through an ancient process called sand molding.

If you need to buy quality cast iron cookware, choose Lodge Cast Iron.
Its overall approach to making high-quality cast iron cookware has remained unchanged over the years. And it has become one of the leading metal casting manufacturers in the United States.

Main products of iron casting manufacturer

  • Baking 101
  • Griddles 101
  • Carbon Steel 101
  • Steel foundry in usa
  • Custom metal casting molds
  • Carbon Steel
2. reliance

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. is one of the top heavy steel casting factories in the United States. This foundry casting company provides high-quality custom-designed cast iron products for construction site renovation, traffic management, and industrial applications. It has provided cast iron parts for the Allied war effort during World War II. 

Since its inception, it has rapidly grown to become a highly regarded supplier of cast iron in North America. It provides outdoor products and metal casting services to North American customers. Today, it is the largest iron foundry in Vancouver, fulfilling contracts for municipalities and mining and forestry companies.

Main products of iron foundry manufacturer

  • Ductile iron
  • Grey iron
  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Die cast foundry
  • Metal casting foundry
  • Brass foundries
  • Aluminum casting foundry

Versa-Bar company

Versa-Bar is one of the leading iron casting companies in the United States offering metal casting services ranging from cast iron, bronze, steel, to other alloy. Their main products are machined/casted bars and tubing.
Their products are most commonly used in the fluid power, bearing, model, and machine manufacturing industries. Versa-bar cast iron is very durable and can reduce production costs, making it suitable for manufacturing machine parts.

In addition, customers can customize cast iron and bronze parts and enjoy the versatility of metal casting services.

Main products of Versa-Bar iron casting factory

  • Concrete Inserts
  • Threaded fasteners
  • Electrical fittings
  • Cast steel foundry
  • Metal casting foundry
  • Custom metal casting molds

Metal Casting Companies


Dawang Steel Casting Foundry

Dandong Dawang Steel Casting Factory is one of China’s leading metal casting companies. It focuses on producing high precision, high complexity stainless steel casting products.
Dawang’s metal casting services include the manufacture of stainless steel castings, alloy steel castings, carbon steel castings, manganese steel castings, and other metal casting products.

With decades of experience in steel casting, this stainless steel foundry produces products across multiple industries. The die cast company’s products are used in industries including, but not limited to, the aerospace, automotive and railroad, petrochemical, and construction industries.

Main products of metal casting manufacturer

  • Stainless Steel Castings
  • Carbon Steel Castings
  • Alloy Steel Castings
  • Large steel castings
  • Manganese Steel Castings
  • Valve Casting
  • Pump Parts Castings
  • Automobile Casting

Aluminium casting company


Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry

Founded in 1909, WAF is an metal casting company that provides aluminum-based and copper-based alloy castings for a variety of industries. This casting supplier specializes in permanent mold casting, wet sand casting, wet sand molding, air solidified sand casting, and other mold processes.
As a one-stop vertical aluminum casting company, WA has the important advantage of working with the customer’s engineering department to optimize part design for a win-win situation before producing any aluminum casting molds.

At the same time, it has achieved further success in cutting-edge aluminum-based technologies. This includes real-time x-ray inspection and magma solidification model verification casting systems.

Main products of Aluminium casting company

  • Permanent Mold
  • Green Sand
  • Metal casting companies
  • Low Pressure
  • Metal casting products
  • Large steel castings
  • Aluminum foundry casting
  • Custom metal casting molds

Leitelt Brothers Inc.

In 1908, this was a brass, bronze, and metal casting company. Products heavy duty castings were from 1/2 pound to 1 ton. Initially, they were one of many manufacturers of heavy steel castings for the steel rolling mills, shipbuilding, and construction industries.Today, this aluminum foundry can cast ten different brass and bronze alloys and six other aluminum alloys.

Main products of Aluminium casting company

  • Aluminum Sand Castings
  • Brass Sand Castings
  • Bronze Sand Castings
  • Non Ferrous Castings
  • Custom aluminum castings
  • Cast steel foundry

Aluminum Die Casting Company


PHB Incorporated

PHB is a US metal casting company certified to the international standard system IATF 16949. It provides a full range of metal casting services for the aluminum die casting, zinc dies casting, and tool and die industries. PHB’s production castings range from lighting to automotive, appliances, and the US military. This metal casting company also provides aluminum, zinc, rubber, and plastic die casting die manufacturing services to international customers.

PHB solves the problem of active die casting by bringing complex design specifications to life for our customers. PHB provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for those who need aluminum or zinc die castings from mold design and testing to part fabrication, finishing and packaging.

Main products of aluminum die casting manufacturer

  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Casting Sourcing
  • Tool and Die
  • Plastic Molding
  • Rubber Molding
  • Zinc Die Casting
  • Alloy Conversion Chart

Brass Casting Foundry


Belmont Metals company

George Henning was founded in 1896 on Belmont Street in Brooklyn. Today, George Henning is a foundry metal factory. It offers a diverse range of metal casting services and recognizes a wide variety of non-ferrous compositions and forms. It started as a supplier of prefabricated secondary materials and expanded into manufacturing non-ferrous ingots (mainly brass). Soon after,  add solder, babbitt alloys, brass, and bronze. In addition, Belmont now operates a range of electric induction and gas melting facilities starting with coke ovens.

Main products of brass casting foundry

  • Lead-based alloys
  • Tin-based Alloys
  • Virgin Metals
  • Brass foundries
  • Cast iron casting
  • Aluminium casting foundry

Wieland Chase company

In 1837, Wieland Chase was one of the best metal casting companies in North America in terms of brass rods.
Wieland Chase’s signature lead-free* machinable alloy, C693, ECO BRASS®, is sold under the brand name Green Dot® bar.Wieland Chase produces eco-brass that is dezincification resistant, stress corrosion cracking resistant, wear resistant and high strength.

Their brass is lead-free and has good machinability, forging ability and high strength equivalent to stainless steel. At the same time, they eliminate the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification. In addition, Wieland’s steel casting foundry offers brass profiles, including hexagonal, round, square and rectangular brass bars and rods.

Main products of brass casting foundry

  • Metal foundry
  • Steel foundry
  • Brass foundries

Bunty LLC company

Founded in 2000, Bunty LLC is AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 and CVMSDC certified. This brass castings LLC serves the automotive, aerospace, energy and medical industries. It is one of the high-profile manufacturers of heavy steel castings.
Bunty LLC has grown into a full-service cast metal parts manufacturing company. With warehousing and inspection facilities, it has earned an excellent reputation in the industry for its expertise in brass metal parts and excellent products. It now does business with several well-known brands such as BMW, P&G, and Gillette.

Main products of brass casting foundry

  • Custom Metal Forgings
  • Closed Die Forgings
  • Brass Forgings and best cast foundry
  • Magnesium Forgings
  • Custom Steel Forgings
  • Aluminium Forgings

J. Walter Miller Company

Since 1887, J. Walter Miller has been the largest foundry casting companies in Pennsylvania. Lean principles have allowed them to streamline setup times and provide maximum flexibility and competitive pricing.
J. Walter Miller’s metal casting companies serves a wide range of industries, including fire protection, valve manufacturing, pumps and pressure equipment, decorative, artistic, and electrical components.

Due to the unique properties of brass and the cost effectiveness of the brass casting process, Walter has become a popular choice for components for a variety of industrial applications in the United States.

Main products of brass casting foundry

  • Industrial Metal Castings
  • Bronze, Copper, & Brass Castings
  • Sand Casting Foundry
  • Green Sand
  • Aluminium casting foundry
  • Electrical components

Zinc Die Casting Company


Dynacast Company

Dynacast is a zinc die casting manufacturer of precision engineering metal parts under Form Technologies. As one of the leading heavy metal casting companies, they deserve it.Utilizing proprietary zinc die-casting technology, Dynacast provides complete metal casting solutions for many industries;including automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare.

Dynacast currently operates 21 zinc die casting companies in 16 countries and regions and consistently provides value through engineering expertise, efficient operations, and advanced quality planning systems.

Main products of metal casting companies

  • zinc alloy die casting
  • Metal foundries
  • Best cast foundry
  • Best cast foundry
  • Metal casting manufacturing
  • zinc alloy casting

Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer


Pace Industries

Pace Industries, a company specializing in zinc die casting, offers various zinc die casting approaches that range from the ability to produce small, miniature zinc die castings to larger, conventional castings.
Not only one of the heavy steel casting manufacturers, Pace is also the North America’s leading full-service aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, and zinc die casting manufacturer.
Since 1970, Pace has been producing the highest quality die-cast parts and components for major customers and is committed to expanding manufacturing possibilities.

Main products of foundry casting companies

  • Foundry casting companies
  • zinc pressure die casting
  • Die casting manufacturers
  • Steel casting foundries in usa
  • Large steel castings
  • Best cast foundry

Titanium investment casting companies


FS Precision company

FS Precision is one of the most responsive and collaborative titanium investment casting companies and suppliers in the aerospace and defense industries in an industry dominated by only a few large enterprise groups.
Not only that, but FS Precision is also an emerging global metal casting company for fixed-wing, human-crewed, and uncrewed aircraft and keyspace launch and defense systems.
 Airbus, Blue Origin, Eaton Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and many other air transportation technology leaders rely on FS to provide critical engine installation, navigation control, structure, fuel distribution, and corrosion protection solutions.

Main products of Titanium investment casting companies

  • Subsea Oil & Gas
  • Titanium turbocharger castings
  • Power and Hand Tools
  • Metal casting products
  • Large steel castings
  • Steel foundry in usa

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