Top Cast Iron Foundry: A Review of Global Cast Iron Foundries

Cast iron foundry plays an important role in global manufacturing. They produce cast iron products that are widely used in many industrial components, such as automobile parts, mechanical equipment parts, decorative building materials, etc. This is because iron has better durability and thermal conductivity than other materials.

Cast iron technology is mainly divided into ductile iron and gray cast iron. Cast iron foundry is widely distributed in Europe and Asia. There are also some cast iron foundries with good production capabilities in North America. Cast iron foundry around the world continue to optimize production levels, improve product quality, and engage in technological innovation. Now let’s take a closer look at the top 10 iron foundries in the world.

List of Cast Iron Foundry

Cast iron foundry


Founded in


Dawang Casting



Agriculture/ Construction/ Petroleum/ Railways
Waupaca Foundry



Automobile industry
Metal Technologies Inc.



Agriculture/ Construction
Saint-Gobain PAM



Shipbuilding/ Pipeline Industry
Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.



Automobile industry
Farinia Group



Amsted Rail






Agriculture/ Construction
Dotson iron cast



Petroleum Railways

Dawang Castings

Dandong Dawang Steel Castings Co., Ltd is a cast iron foundry which established in 1998 and enjoys a high reputation in Northeast China. In the field of cast iron, Dawang is best at ductile iron and gray iron processes. Its products are used in shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, oil pipelines, automation and other industries. Dawang has qualifications and certificates in various industries: ABS/ PED/ IATF16949.

Dawang established MTGS subsidiary to be responsible for foreign trade business. From drawing design to mold development, to production and delivery, the integrated service is very complete, saving customers time and improving efficiency. In addition to casting, Dawang also assists in the field of welding and forging, which can better meet customer needs.

  • Founded in: 1998
  • Area: China
  • Process: Ductile iron casting/ Gray iron casting
  • Industry: Shipbuilding/ Agricultural machinery/ Engineering machinery/ Oil pipelines/ Automation

Waupaca Metal Technologies Inc.

The Waupaca Foundry was established in 1955 and has a long history. The main products are ductile iron parts. Its scale is staggering, with 4,500 workers responsible for production. The cast iron foundry has six iron foundries in the United States, located in Wisconsin, Indiana and Tennessee. At the same time, it also has many R&D centers. The technical staff are experienced and different R&D teams are responsible for different industries.

Its advanced technology R&D system and production system make it highly competitive in the industry. The company’s strongest industries are iron castings for agricultural machinery and iron castings for construction equipment. With the development of the industry, Waupaca Foundry has also become involved in iron castings for the automotive industry. In recent years, it has also achieved new research and development results in heavy-duty truck iron castings.

  • Founded in: 1955
  • Area: USA
  • Process: Ductile iron casting
  • Industry: Agricultural machinery/ Construction equipment

Saint-Gobain PAM

Saint-Gobain PAM, a renowned custom cast iron foundry of piping systems, is located in Nancy, France. Founded in 1856, its main products are ship parts and drainage system parts. Ductile iron pipe is the most basic and most widely used product in ductile casting plants. On this basis, Saint Global PAM has also developed various pipe fittings and accessories. Product diversification is its biggest feature.

Saint Global PAM has expanded its foreign trade business and established a complete sales network in Europe, Asia and Africa. Foreign trade sales outlets have been established in many countries, achieving comprehensive development of industry and trade integration. Due to the uniqueness of its products, after-sales service is particularly important. Saint Global PAM focuses on solving customer after-sales problems, which has also resulted in many customers introducing new customer resources to it.

  • Founded in: 1856
  • Area: France
  • Process: Ductile iron casting
  • Industry: Shipping industry/ Drainage pipe industry

Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.

In Japan, there is an automobile cast iron foundry, Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd. which was established in 1949. Its product materials are mainly iron and aluminum. For automobile engine blocks, brake discs and various transmission system parts. The production is very good, they have iron sand casting process and ductile iron investment casting.

The company is committed to production equipment improvement and technological innovation, and invests heavily in product research and development every year. Japanese vehicles purchase large quantities of the company’s products, which also ensures the stable development of Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd. As a heavy industry enterprise, the company pays attention to the management and control of carbon emissions and has a complete control system for energy consumption to ensure the sustainable development of production.

  • Founded in: 1949
  • Area: Japan
  • Process: Ductile iron casting
  • Industry: Automotive automation industry

Farinia Group

In the cast iron industry chain in Europe, a French cast iron foundry has always played a very important role. Farinia Group not only possesses casting technology, but also uses forging technology as a supplement to meet the diverse needs of customers. Farinia Group has also developed many subsidiaries, such as SetForge and FMGC, which have a place in the industrial production field.

Unlike other cast iron foundries, the company places great emphasis on environmental protection and uses environmentally friendly materials. It has a high reputation in the oil and gas industry, and the cast iron parts produced by Farinia Group are also widely used in the aerospace industry. The group has held an important position in industrial development in Europe since 1950 with advanced technology and high-quality products.

  • Founded in: 1950
  • Area: France
  • Process: Ductile iron casting
  • Industry: Aerospace industry

Amsted Rail

For automotive parts, we are familiar with cylinders and bearings, but we don’t often hear of automotive parts such as brackets and hooks, which are mainly used in engineering vehicles and railway vehicles. So for cast iron foundries of such parts, we have discovered Amsted Rail located in Illinois, USA. The company was founded in 1970 and has multiple production bases worldwide. Its products also have diversity, including axles, brake system components, car pairs, etc., and are widely used in the railway industry.

In order to ensure the durability and high precision of the products, Amsted Rail has formed a professional team of engineers. It has 1800 employees, including 45 professional engineers, who are distributed in various production bases and have made outstanding contributions to ensuring the safety of railway transportation.

  • Founded in: 1970
  • Area: France
  • Products: Cylinders/ Bearings
  • Industry: Automotive parts

Wescast Industries Inc.

Canada, an immigrant country in the Americas, has abundant mineral resources and a very high iron production rate, which has also led to some excellent Canadian cast iron foundry. Wescast Industries Inc., founded in 1901 in Ontario, Canada, is a long-standing company that has grown and grown through the baptism of the Industrial Revolution.

Wescast’s core products are automotive exhaust pipes and turbocharger housings, with complex part shapes and high precision requirements, which fully reflect Wescast’s high-level production technology. They are good at custom iron casting. Wescast has many production bases in South America and Asia, and has been continuously supplying high-quality cast iron parts to car manufacturers around the world for many years.

  • Founded in: 1901
  • Area: Canada
  • Products: Automotive exhaust pipes/ Turbocharger housings
  • Industry: Automotive parts

Fountain Foundry

Fountain Foundry is a cast iron foundry located in the southern United States, which has been deeply involved in the manufacturing of custom iron castings since 1943, with rich experience and superb technology. The company has a century long history, has established a good reputation in the market, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with many world-renowned enterprises.

The advantage of Fountain Foundry lies in its comprehensive service process, which provides customers with a good experience and increases customer stickiness through integrated services from mold development to component casting. The company’s products are also widely used in fields such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and construction, all of which use Foundry’s cast iron parts. Over the years, the company’s strict supervision of its quality management system and emphasis on environmentally friendly production have made its position in the field of cast iron plants increasingly stable.

  • Founded in: 1943
  • Area: USA
  • Process: Ductile iron casting
  • Industry: Agricultural machinery/ Construction machinery

Dotson Iron Cast

In Minnesota, USA, there is a cast iron foundry founded in 1876. Dotson Iron Castings is dedicated to developing high-quality ductile iron parts. Unlike other cast iron factories, Dotson Iron Castings has the ability to assemble parts. Its main products are hydraulic system components, and Dotson Iron Castings has also been involved in some heavy-duty equipment components.

Thanks to its excellent assembly capabilities, customers often enjoy one-stop procurement at Dotson Iron Castings, which saves them a lot of time and improves production efficiency. The complete delivery of hydraulic parts gives it an important position in the market.

  • Founded in: 1876
  • Area: USA
  • Product: Hydraulic system components
  • Industry: Shipbuilding industry


The top cast iron foundry in the world are leading the development of the cast iron industry. Nowadays, industrial intelligence is gradually emerging, and fully automatic production has also been widely used in the cast iron industry. With the application of high-end automation equipment, the cast iron industry has also  developed rapidly.

If you are a manufacturer with strong demand for iron castings, you may wish to choose a suitable one from the above 10 iron casting factories for cooperation. At the same time, these cast iron foundries are also committed to adopting more environmentally friendly production methods, reducing their impact on the environment and making great contributions to economic development and technological progress.

If you are looking for an iron foundry with the advantages of the entire industry chain, you can set your sights on China. Dawang Castings‘ high quality products and service has received high praise from customers around the world.

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