Top 10 Shell Mold Casting Manufacturers in China

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The role of shell mold casting manufacturers is crucial to your plastic manufacturing process. The shell mold casting manufacturers with positive reputation serve as a safeguard for the shell mold casting process. Their contributions are crucial in producing specific shell mold to meet both you and the end-users’ expectations. However, not all shell mold casting manufacturers in China are reliable to manufacture high-quality shell mold as they first promised, which will let you and customers down and also suffer added costs and lost time.

If you want to boost your shell mold casting process, you need to spend much time to make sure you’ve chosen a reliable one among the many shell mold casting  manufacturers in China. You should take a lot of factors into account ranging from shell mold quality to budget, delivery date, and mode of transportation.

Upholding the principle of good is good when it’s good. I make thorough research and select carefully another 4 top shell mold casting manufacturers in China for your reference. I sincerely hope it will be helpful for you to make a decision. Now, let’s dive in.

Henan Beitejia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a suitable one among many shell mold casting manufacturers in China ,old casting manufacturers for a long cooperation, then Henan Beitejia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be a preference for you.

Founded in 2010, Henan Beitejia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sports a high reputation in the shell casting process industry. Apart from the following products: marine engine parts, high-quality resin sand castings weighting 50-1000kgs, various steel forgings, gray iron and ductile iron casting, this company offers one-stop services of custom shell mold manufacturing. It has been cooperating with many renowned import traders across the world. Its distinguished clients come from many areas, such as the Europe and America.

It has over 8500㎡ workshop, the electric furnace as well as multiple precision machining equipments with ISO9001 certification. It focuses on the manufacturing of  exhaust manifolds of marine engine. There are more than 50 different models, annual production capacity 50-100 thousand pieces, which are well received in the North America, Europe and Australia.

Laizhou Weiben Machinery Co., Ltd.

Laizhou Weiben Machinery Co., Ltd. has three product lines, namely resin sand casting,green sand casting and shell mold casting. It has exclusive machining workshop, which includes slant bed CNC lathe, machining center and so on. The business ranges from stainless steel casting, carbon steel casting, gray iron casting,ductile iron casting, aluminum casting, shell mold casting. Being one of the advanced shell mold casting manufacturers, it is especially skilled at the shell casting process, also known as the shell mold casting process.

Located in Laizhou, Shandong Province,China. Its plant area stand up about 10000 square meters. It is adjacent with the highway and takes roughly 1.5 hours to Qingdao seaport and airport by car. Hence, it sports the very convenient transport conditions. Its products have been popular welcomed across the domestic and oversea areas. More than 95% of products were exported to Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korean, Taiwanand so on.

Brukar Inc.

Brukar Inc. is an offshore contract manufacturer of metal and composite components. Its business scope include but not confine to precision castings, machining, weldments, fabricated parts, plastic injection molding, and shell mold casting. As one of the advanced shell mold casting manufacturers in China, it can assume responsibility for all the foreign supply chain management including freight, importing details, and sell to you FOB its dock in your local currency, just like a local supplier. Flexible and economic shell mold casting is available depending on the customer’s needs.

The advanged manufacturing equipment and shell casting process technology enable it to accommodate low to high production volume and produce castings with a wide size range from 0.02kg to 850kg. It can manufacture sand castings and shell mold casting in different sizes with stringent requirements, complex geometries. Its casting equipments comes in a wide variety: the medium frequency furnace , resin sand production line, automatic molding machine , rotor sand mixer, sand blasting machine , automatic core shooting machine, shell shooting machine, and 8.3-5t crane.


TheMetalCasting.Com is one of the leading shell mold casting manufacturers in China, good at the shell mold casting process or shell casting process. It can efficiently meet the metal processors, metal casting companies, foundries – commercial as well as hobby foundries, metal recyclers, casting buyers, designers and researchers.

Its major casting components include automobile casting equipment,
pumps and valves component, scientific casting equipment, aluminum & all other non ferrous parts, chemical process equipment, earthmoving equipment, and agriculture equipment.

Dandong Foundry

As one of the advanced shell mold casting manufacturers in China, Dandong Foundry is good at casting process, especially shell casting process. Its history is up to over 50 years It has produced Grey Iron and Ductile Iron Castings more than 2000 types. Hence, it can be assured that it has rich experience in the casting production and machining works. Its annual output reach 8,000 tons, of which 50% have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Italy and Japan.

To expand business scope, it established the new company “Liaoning Borui Machinery Co., Ltd”. Its new foundry plant boasts more larger automatic molding lines and more machining equipments. The max production capacity of gray iron and ductile iron castings could reach 30,000 tons each year.

Its large automatic static pressure molding line serves as an advanced molding line, which could make sure the higher dimensional tolerance and better surface quality. Its molding flask is 1000*800mm, meaning it could produce any iron castings less than one meter long. Together with other two FBO molding lines, the total production volume could stand up 30,000 tons every year.

China Synergy Group Manufacturing

Since 2005, China Synergy Group Manufacturing has been offering steel casting to a wide range of industries including Defense, Energy, Fluid Handling and Food Processing. it customers cover companies such as Flowserve, JCB and General Electric.

As one of the advanced shell mold casting manufacturers in China, it specializes in different casting techniques for steel casting, including Lost wax casting, Lost foam casting, Shell casting and Vacuum Casting. It has passed the ISO 9001 test and have two casting foundries in Anhui and Ningbo, and sales office in Shanghai.

Bunty LLC

Founded in the year 2000, Bunty LLC has passed the certification of AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 and CVMSDC. As one of the shell mold casting manufacturers in China, it service the automotive, aerospace, energy and medical industries among others.

Its customers include the largest tire manufacturer in the world, the leading transmission supplier to a large Japanese automaker, Tier I manufacturers in automotive shocks, brakes, drive trains, and mirror assemblies. It has also provided stainless steel parts for the food processing industry passing FDA standards in production.

Qingdao Huaxin

Qingdao Huaxin has over 20 years history for producing foundry machinery In China. Located in haixi road,Huangdao Area, Qingdao city, China. It has produced foundry machines more than 100 types. Hence, it is remarkable that it has rich experience in casting production machines and casting lines.

Being one of the leading shell mold casting manufacturers in China, Qingdao Huaxin , the mission of qingdao huaxin has been to develop the most innovative solutions possible for the automation of Static pressure molding line, core making machine, sand preparation and shot blasting machine processes throughout the foundry industry.

Its annual output is about 600sets, and 60% have been exported toUSA,Japan,Pakistan,Germany, Australia,Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa,South America and soon on. The company will cooperate with customers sincerely, and try to achieve a win-win situation.

Dandong Shengxing

Established in the year 1985, Dandong Shengxing produces all kinds of casting parts, which are used for paper machinery, instrumentation, valves, pumps, automobile, elevator, mining machinery, engineering machinery, etc. Its largest casting is more than 50 tons, and the smallest casting is less than 0.1 kg,.

AS one of the leading shell mold casting manufacturers in China, Dandong Shengxing is skilled at the shell casting process. It gained PED certificate from TUV directive 2014/68/EU. Plus, it had electric oven for three sets for 22 ton, 5 ton, and 2 ton. Its current capacity stand up to 350 ton. But, it still work hard to enlarge the capacity to 1000 ton.

Weifang Hanyong Trading Co., Ltd.

Weifang Hanyong Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional shell mold casting manufacturers in China. It has developed into an international trading company, offering a wide range of agricultural machinery parts, auto parts and integrated housing.

It pays great attention to strict management, has a high-quality staff team, strong technical strength, product quality in strict accordance with international standards. Company philosophy is charecterized by the best service! Reasonable price! One-stop shopping! It provides service and convenience to customers with high quality and low price products. Its products are exported to many countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Ukraine.


If you feel that the shell casting process might be right for you, or you want to learn more information about the shell moulding machine, the best way to proceed is to reach us directly or leave your comments below. The DaWang Casting can cooperate with you to come up with the best, most cost-effective way to proceed. You can rest assured that DaWang Casting will not charge you for a quote and consultation. Moreover, we provide the shell moulding machine at best prices. Sincerely welcom your consultation and order.

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