Steel Casting Manufacturer: 15 Most Popular Companies

Steel casting is a complex manufacturing process. Each step in this manufacturing controls the quality of the final castings. In this case, a perfect steel casting method and proper casting material are crusial to final quality. A good steel casting manufacturer always gives priority to the quality manufacturing process. As a result, it is essential to distinguish and choose the best steel casting manufacturers who comply to all those requirements.

How can you know which steel casting companies are the best for your business? In this case, you should judge a few competing factors before choosing the best stainless steel manufacturer, such as machinery capabilities, testing capabilities, and industry experience for your sector. This article will introduce you to the 15 most popular steel casting manufacturers worldwide. In addition, we will also check some of their primary services and products.

Top 15 Steel Casting Manufacturer

Dawang Castings

Dawang steel casting is one of themost successful steel casting manufacturers. They manufacture high-quality, precise, complex metal casting machine parts and components. In addition, this steel casting manufacturer has worked with diverse industries for decades, such as agriculture, automotive, petrochemical, rairoad, hydraulic and construction.

Dawang Steel casting specializes in various primary types of casting manufacturing processes, sand casting, shell mold casting, and steel casting. In this case, steel casting is their foundry’s most popular steel-casting manufacturing process. They have been keeping the latest technology to ensure the best quality of the products.

Main Products

Stainless steel castings, carbon steel castings, alloy steel castings, manganese steel castings. Machining and fabrication services.


Eagle Alloy Incorporation

This steel casting manufacturer creates a variety of steel products. Like Dawang Castings, Eagle Alloy Incorporation works with agricultural, architectural, automotive, military, oil and gas, variable pump industries, etc. Starting from 3D modelling to complex casting processes, this steel casting manufacturer also accepts all types of designs from their buyers.

Eagle Alloy has been in this industry since 1979. This steel castings manufacturer primarily focuses on the steel casting processes for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. They operate a machine shop in addition to producing castings.



Another great choice from the best steel castings manufacturers is Impro Precision. However, This stainless steel manufacturer started steel manufacturing in 1998. They have served lots of industries by providing machine parts and equipment. The most popular markets they serve are automotive, high horsepower engines, construction equipment, hydraulic equipment, medical, and aerospace.

Impro incorporation performs four casting processes in their foundry: steel casting, sand casting, permanent mould casting, and shell mould casting. They accept all types of designs from customers and offer ready-made machine parts and equipment.

Main Services

Steel Castings, Machining parts and equipment, heat treatment, and laboratory services.


JC Casting Foundry

This steel-casting manufacturer started its journey in 1997 and owned two company foundries and two partnered foundries. However, they follow two primary casting processes: steel casting and sand casting. JC Casting foundry makes many types of machine equipment and parts. They also provide other services such as machining and ready-made parts supplying.

They have worked with many industries, such as agriculture, automotive, hydraulic, marine, and medical. Other than steel, they also process irons, aluminium, and other alloys.

Main Services

Steel castings, CNC Machining, heat treatment, surface treatments, and 3D printing.



FerraAlloy is another renowned steel castings manufacturer established in 1978 based in the united states. Like dawang casting, they accept all casting designs and provide multiple manufacturing processes. Four metal casting processes are available in FerraAlloy:  steel casting, sand casting, centrifugal casting, and heat-resistant casting.

FerraAlloy has worked with diverse industries: petrochemical, hydraulic pumps, and valve, automotive, marine, and medical are the most common. They use stainless steel and alloy steels, titanium, nickel, manganese, aluminium, carbon steel, molybdenum, etc.

Main Products

Castings, forgings, fasteners, fabrications, extrusions, sheet and plate, rod and wire, furnace elements metals, alloys, machining, lab services.


Aero Metals

Aero Metals is one of the most successful steel casting manufacturers in the united states. They started their journey in 1961 and specialized in two steel casting processes: typical steel casting and steel cast alloys.

Aero Metals provides steel casting, tooling, engineering, and metal fabrication services. The specific industries they served are aerospace, military, firearms, security, door and lock hardware, pump and valve, agriculture, and automotive.

Main Products

Stainless steel castings, ductile iron castings, steel castings, beryllium copper castings, nickel-based copper castings, aluminium castings, cobalt-based alloy castings, and copper-based castings.


American Casting Company

This company has also been manufacturing steel castings for decades, earning popularity among other steel casting manufacturers worldwide. This steel castings manufacturer typically worked with medical, defence, mining, and petrochemical equipment.

Americal casting company provides various services: steel casting products, casting tooling, designs for manufacturability services, heat treatment, solidification, gate and runner design, and lab services.

Main Products

Stainless steel, carbon steel, cobalt-based, nickel-based, super alloys.


Barron Industries

Barron Industries is one of the oldest steel casting manufacturers in the world, founded in 1923. In these hundred years, they have worked with diverse industries, such as aerospace steel castings, defence, energy fields, automotive, etc.

Barron industry’s services include steel castings, design for manufacturing, CNC machining, complete assembly, lab testing services, offshore manufacturing, etc.

Main Products

Steel Castings, Rapid Prototyping Castings.


Badger Alloys

Our next best pick is also one of the best steel casting companies in the world. This steel castings manufacturer creates different types of steel castings. These are demanding products in industries such as hydraulic equipment, water treatment, petrochemical, energy, oil, gas, etc.

Two types of steel casting are famous in their foundry: steel casting and sand casting. Besides, this steel castings manufacturer also provides other services like pattern making, machining, engineering, rapid response technologies, etc.

Main Products

Stainless steel products, copper-base, low-alloys, nickel-base alloys, wear-resistant alloys.


Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel is also one of the world’s most successful steel casting manufacturers, especially in the united states. This steel castings manufacturer is famous for creating metal castings of replacement parts for high-wear applications.

Right after Barron Industries, Columbia Steel is also one of the oldest steel casting manufacturers in the united states. They have been producing castings and assemblies for hundred years. Other than stainless steel, this steel castings manufacturer works with manganese steel, high chromium irons, high-strength martensitic steels, chromium molybdenum steels, heat-resistant steels, and carbon steels.

Main Products

Draglines and mines shovels, ore crushers, metal and waster shredders, power plants, cement manufacturing, and other customer custom metal parts for custom applications.


Harrison Steel Castings Company

Harrison steel castings started their journey by producing precision-engineered steel casting parts and equipment for different industries.

Hscast offers a range of materials for their customers because different applications require specific mechanical properties. As a result, they accept all types of material choices and casting designs.


QCC – Quaker City castings

QCC is one of the most recent steel casting manufacturers in the world. They have prepared all the latest necessary equipment for better precision results. However, this steel casting manufacturer has worked with several industries. Power generation, locomotive, construction, and defence are the most common.

Other than steel casting manufacturing, QCC provides additional services, such as machining, welding, heat treatment, lab testing, blasting, 3D sand moulds for rapid castings, etc.

Main Products

Steel Castings, Iron Castings, Nickel base, grey iron, ductile iron.


Omaha Steel

Omaha steel is also one of the famous steel manufacturing companies in the north of the USA. They provide all steel casting, engineering, and tooling services. However, they have served many industries for a hundred years since their origin. Valves and regulators, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation, and government products are the most common industrial applications this steel casting manufacturer worked with.

Besides their primary products, they also provide the services like cleaning, heat treatment, value-added services, machining, painting, modelling, and hardening.



Our next best pick from the best steel casting manufacturers list is the EPCO, Engineered casting company, INC. Epco also provides varieties of steel casting products. From 3D modelling to product testing, this steel casting manufacturer sincerely operates all the steps.

Besides steel casting services, EPCO provides other services, such as heat treatment, HIPping, CNC machining, welding, lab testing, and modelling.

Main Products

Stainless steel casting, carbon steel, tool steel, nickel base, cobalt base, copper base, and aluminium alloys.


SIGNICAST- A Form Technologies Company

SigniCast is also one of the famous steel casting manufacturers in the united states. This steel casting manufacturer is our last pick from the list. However, outside the USA, they have several manufacturing points in Europe. This steel castings manufacturer also gives promises precise and defect-free castings.

This steel casting manufacturer has worked with different industries, such as defence and aerospace, medical equipment and devices, automotive, hydraulic equipment, mining, lawn and garden, power and hand tools, etc.

Main Products

Bracket Assembly, cinch lever, controlling buttons, dental imaging housing, flooring nailer, footboard support, infrared gas detector housing, rope and chain winch, frames, and shifters


Why Should You Choose Dawang Casting as the Best steel Casting Manufacturer?

Every buyer expects a steel casting with perfect mechanical properties and the best price compared to the other brands. An ideal product promotes the brand, so every machinery industry looks for the best castings.

Dawang Castings gives priority to quality and customer satisfaction. This company provides the best price for steel castings compared to the other brands. Although steel castings from America or Europe have some of the advanced quality for certain industries like aerospace, they pricing is generally high in other industries. Therefore, Dawang Castings is the best compared in quality and price.

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