Top 10 Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturers

Last time we talked about the top 10 investment casting companies in the world. This article will introduce you to the top 10 stainless steel casting companies in the industry. To ensure authenticity, we analyzed the traffic of these companies and other aspects of the data to arrive at this result.

First, you can refer to the table below to discover the 10 stainless steel casting factories we are going to present.

ManufacturerCountryFounding YearProduct Applications
Dawang CastingChina1998Agricultural Machinery/Construction Machinery/Oil Pipeline/Energy Railways
Precision Castparts CorpUSA1936Specialty Fasteners
Japan1906Marine Components
USA1993Mining / Pump and Valves
RELIANCE FOUNDRYUSA1925Traffic and Streetscape Products
Barron IndustriesUSA1923Space and Satellites
Weir ESCOUSA1871Surface Mining / Underground Mining
Stainless Foundry & Engineering
USA1946Petroleum Pipeline Sector
Netherlands1947Automotive Sector


Dawang Steel Casting: Quality Steel Castings Manufacturer

Dawang Steel Castings is a well-known stainless steel casting foundry in China. The materials used by Dawang include a variety of stainless steel grades. The weight of these stainless steel investment castings ranges from 1 ounce to 250 pounds. Characteristics include wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and wear resistance. As a leading stainless steel casting foundry, they can produce 125 RMS surface finish. The most amazing part about Dawang is its one-stop design and production process including rapid prototyping development, castings, machining, heat treatment, welding, and testing capabilities.

  • Location:  China
  • History:    Established in 1998, with a rich 25-year history.
  • Service:   Investment Casting / Sand Casting / Machining / Shell Mold Casting
  • Products: Agricultural Machinery Castings / Construction Machinery Castings / Energy Equipment Castings / Mining Machinery Castings / Automotive and Railway Castings / Oil Pipeline Castings / Cover plates / Piling / Scrap processing & brokerage
Steel Castings
Casting Parts


PCC: Complex Metal Components Manufacturer

PCC is a market leader in manufacturing key fasteners for aerospace applications such as large and complex structure investment castings, airfoil castings, and forged parts.It is worth mentioning that PCC adheres to high standards to manufacture high-quality products to meet the most demanding specifications of its complex customer base.

  • Location:    USA
  • Service:      Fasteners for the Aerospace Industry.
  • Products:    Bolts, Pins, Screws / Nuts / Specialty Fasteners / Engineered Products
  • Industry Advantage: One-Stop Shop for Customers


Casting Parts


Kobelco: Stainless Steel Casting Foundry

Kobe Steel holds a prominent position in the Japanese casting industry, known for its exceptional capabilities in high-quality steel castings and precision casting. Its cast products find extensive applications across various sectors, underscoring its enduring influence in the casting domain.

  • Location:Japan
  • Service:    Stainless Steel Casting / Forging
  • Products: Crankshafts / Marine Parts / Chemical / Rolls
  • Industry Advantage: Solid crankshafts: Marine medium-speed diesel engines, auxiliary power / Combination crankshafts: Main propulsion in large commercial vessels



Milwaukee: Precision investment casting foundry

The long history of large stainless steel casting factory makes Milwaukee the perfect solution for aerospace, firearms, and medical parts. The powerful ability to cast stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, bronze, cobalt, and many other steel sheets allows them to cooperate with many different customers to solve their casting problems innovatively and cost-effectively. 

  • Location:  USA
  • History:    Established in 1993, with a rich 30-year history.
  • Service:    Investment Casting / Machining
  • Application Fields: Power Transmission / Auto After Market / Construction / Machine Tool / Mining / Pump and Valves   




RELIANCE offers a range of materials and styles, from sleek stainless steel to classic concrete designs, to suit new or existing building and site designs. All products ship with standard mounting hardware for simple and secure installations.

  • Location:  USA
  • History:    Established in 1925, with a rich 98-year history.
  • Service:    Providing customized products for construction site furniture, traffic management, and industrial applications.
  • Products: Bike Parking / Site Furnishings / Hardscape / Wheels



Barron Industries: Investment Casting Manufacturer

Barron Industries is a global full-service manufacturer of stainless steel precision castings, machined parts, and complete assemblies. As one of the top stainless steel casting companies, Barron provides complete stainless steel die casting and stainless steel investment casting services for aerospace, defense, automotive, oil and gas, nuclear energy, and medical care.

  • Location:  USA
  • History:    Established in 1923, with a rich 100-year history.
  • Process:   Precision Casting / Rapid Prototype Casting
  • Service Industries: Aerospace Investment Castings / Space and Satellites / Energy Technology / Specialty Automotive / Heavy Truck / Industrial Solutions  



Weir ESCO: Metal casting foundry

The Weir Group’s ESCO® division is professional in stainless steel investment casting, stainless steel die casting, and sand casting stainless steel. Not only that, they have more than 100 years of experience in the science of alloys and wear-resistant materials. In addition to the typical stainless steel investment casting, ESCO is also a global market leader in surface mining and gear system technology infrastructure development.

  • Location:  USA
  • History:    Established in 1871, with a rich 152-year history.
  • Products: Surface Mining Products / Underground Mining Products  / Construction and Aggregates Products    
  • Service:  Designing / Manufacturing



Stainless Foundry & Engineering: Steel Casting Supplier

Stainless Foundry & Engineering provides a one-stop service. They have professional stainless steel casting foundry: stainless steel sand casting department, stainless steel investment casting department, and a mechanical workshop.  Processing capabilities range from ounces to 600 pounds, enabling them to manufacture stainless steel casting with complex geometries and details while maintaining high precision and accuracy.

  • Location:  USA
  • History:    Established in 1946, with a rich 77-year history.
  • Process:  Sand casting / Investment Casting / Machining Service 
  • Products:  Impellers /  Pump Body / Volute / Bonnet / Suction Head / Stem Ball



CIREX: Precision Casting Factory

CIREX is renowned for its expertise in investment casting and engineering design services. They excel in the production of stainless steel components used in a wide range of applications, including fuel tank mounting brackets, rotor and stator assemblies, and transport wheels. With a rich history and a commitment to precision, CIREX continues to be a trusted name in the world of metal casting.

  • Location:  Netherlands
  • History:    Established in 1947, with a rich 76-year history.
  • Service:    Investment Casting / Engineering Design
  • Application: Fuel tank mounting bracket / Rotor and stator / Transport wheel



The above is about the top 10 stainless steel casting companies for your reference. Dawang is a professional steel casting factory. If you have any casting needs, you are welcome to contact us.


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