Finding Casting Foundries in Canada? 5 Reasons to Turn to China Casting Foundry

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Ten years ago, there was a big gap between China’s foundry technology, casting quality, technical and economic indicators, and advanced countries. Because at that time, the casting foundries in China was mainly manual casting. In this process, manual and semi-mechanized modeling account for a large proportion. However, China’s die casting industry has developed rapidly in […]

Top 10 Shell Mold Casting Manufacturers in China

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The role of shell mold casting manufacturers is crucial to your plastic manufacturing process. The shell mold casting manufacturers with positive reputation serve as a safeguard for the shell mold casting process. Their contributions are crucial in producing specific shell mold to meet both you and the end-users’ expectations. However, not all shell mold casting […]

Shell Mould Casting Process

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In manufacturing industry, the shell mould casting process is defined as a metal casting process, which is similar to sand casting. But there is still some difference between sand casting and shell moulding. During the shell mould casting process, the mold is a thin hardened shell of sand as well as themosetting resin binder, propped […]

Top 30 Steel Casting Foundries in China

Steel Casting technology has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, and become the common method to produce metal parts efficiently. With the development of the Chinese economy, the steel casting market in China has become comprehensive and productive. Nowadays Chinese steel casting market has values of SUD 135 billion and higher SUD 12 billion […]

Types of Metal Casting

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Nowadays, metal casting has been widely used in the manufacturing industry. This kind of casting process can be dated back 6000 years, and still being used to make complex and large parts. As developing of casting manufacturing, the metal casting has finished more complex and large or small parts with automatic process and lower costs. […]