How to estimate your investment casting cost?

investment casting cost

Since different facts directly affect the investment casting cost, the best method to estimate investment casting cost is to outline all factors that will impact your total cost. If you want to know about sand casting cost estimation, you can visit The impaction of these various facts for each case will be different. Having […]

How to Know 3D Printing Investment Casting? — 2 Brief Introductions

3D Printing Investment Casting

Compared with traditional lost wax casting technology, 3d printing investment casting saves human resources and time and can provide more complex casting models. Therefore, 3d printed casting patterns are increasingly becoming the preferred investment casting solution for metal foundries and professional engineers. In addition to providing better surface finish and precision, 3d printing investment casting […]

Sand Casting Design In Key Considerations

Sand Casting Design

Excellent sand casting design is the key to the success of the final product. Otherwise, it will be very costly. In addition to considering the budget, we must meet the actual functional requirements. That is, we can apply it to real product casting. Therefore, based on decades of casting experience, we found that there are […]

Top 10 Stainless Steel Casting Companies

Stainless Steel Casting Companies

Last time we talked about the top 10 investment casting companies in the world. This article will introduce you to the top 10 stainless steel casting companies in the industry. To ensure authenticity, we analyzed the traffic of these companies and other aspects of the data to arrive at this result. Nucor: Steel products company […]

5 Types of Metal Casting Defects and Causes

casting defects

As the name implies, casting defects refer to irregularities that appear in the metal casting process. In this section, we will discuss different sand casting defects and causes. Only in this way can you prevent metal casting defects and avoid defective products. This guide will start with 5 types of foundry casting defects and causes […]