What are Special Casting Methods?

special casting

The previous article talked about the various types of casting. Casting requirements have increased with the advancement of science and technology. We require the production of more accurate, better performance, and lower cost of casting. To meet these requirements, casting workers have invented many new casting methods. These methods are collectively known as special casting […]

What is a Casting Angle?

casting angle

Precision casting when pressed reasonable design with stripping mechanism, in order to ensure correct parts geometry, generally the surface not to slope. However, when pressing without pulling the design mechanism, the angle of the casting is usually considered when the casting surface is perpendicular to the parting surface. Doing so facilitates the extraction of the […]

5 Types of Pattern Allowances in Casting that You Must Know

carbon steel casting

Pattern Allowances in Casting are very important if it is neglected during the casting process. Then the parts we produce may be smaller than the required size. This can result in huge financial losses. So choosing suitable allowances in casting pattern can greatly improve efficiency and avoid waste. So how to use Pattern Allowances in […]

Types of Casting Defects and How to Prevent Them in Your Products

Investment casting pattern

Casting production is a complex multi-step process. The level of skill in each process varies greatly. The skills of the operator, quality management, and equipment all affect the final quality of the casting. If you want to know what are the various types of casting defects? What are the causes of casting defects, and how […]