Sand Mold Casting: Everything you should know

sand mold casting

Metal casting is one of the oldest technology through which millions of metal products came into this world. From the very beginning of the human race, people used metal casting to make tools, weapons, shields, wheels, etc. Today the popularity of metal casting came to such a level that we can’t even manufacture any machinery […]

Steel Castings: Ultimate Guide to all Popular Steel Types

steel castings

Every place near you has steel. Every metallic structure and machinery near you also has steel. Specifically, everything from food to the aerospace industry requires different steel types. Therefore, we understand that steel is one of the essential materials that we need every day. However, steel castings are the most common casting material found in […]

Steel Casting Manufacturer: 15 Most Popular Companies

Steel casting is a complex manufacturing process. Each step in this manufacturing controls the quality of the final castings. In this case, a perfect steel casting mould comes from the proper casting tooling method. Consecutively, ideal tooling creates precise castings. A good steel casting manufacturer always gives priority to the quality manufacturing process. As a […]

Casting Defects 2: 9 Most Popular Industrial Casting Issues

casting defects

Dawang Casting is one of the foundries worldwide that produces the most precise and defect-free metal castings. Undoubtedly, the causes and solution of the casting defects are the most important topics we consider in our every casting process. We follow the latest metal casting techniques to avoid all types of casting defects. Besides, we depend […]

Casting Tooling: For Different Casting processes

casting tooling

The metal casting process requires precise and durable casting tooling. Metal casting refers to pouring molten metal into the mold, where it cools and turns into the desired shape. The metal casting method can make most shapes, from DIY tools to complex engine parts. Casting tooling is the key to creating such precise and durable […]

Casting Design Considerations

casting design considerations

A good metal casting is an outcome of a qualified design engineer and his chosen casting foundry. It requires the proper casting design considerations and proper manufacturing techniques. Selecting an appropriate casting design to manufacture large or small metal castings is sometimes challenging. Casting design considerations are a reminder of the critical measures we should […]