Advantages and Disadvantages of Investment Casting

Investment Casting

When it comes to manufacturing, each component must satisfy exact requirements in order to produce a finished product. There are several procedures available to create unique pieces for a product, but investment casting is one approach that excels in many ways.Investment casting is an industrial process that is based on lost-wax casting, one of the […]

Why does Investment Casting Makes the Difference?

investment casting

Many people understand the significance of manufacturing, but many fewer understand the significance of the casting business. It’s in charge of components that power daily life, the economy, and a variety of other businesses. For sure, you know how important for the employment of people the factories and industries are, but do you know why? […]

Investment Casting – Everything You Need to know About It

investment casting process

Also known as precision casting, the investment casting process is exactly what the name tells you. It is a technique used in the metallurgical world to facilitate and speed up the process of making identical metal pieces and parts of machinery. It has an interesting past in the art world, with ancient research showing how […]

An Easy Guide to the Shell Moulding Process

Treatment of steel casting defects

The shell mould casting is categorized into a metal casting process, the same as sand casting. Mainly, molten metal is poured into an expendable sand-based mould in this procedure. Actually, it’s a thin-walled shell made using a mixture of sand-resin around a pattern. This process involves the resin-covered sand for moulding. A metal piece in […]