Types of Sand Casting

sand casting

Sand casting is an extremely flexible casting process. In this process, the sand serves as the raw material to produce a mold. And then the liquid metal fills the mold, forming parts or components. With the help of sand casting, you could make the production come true as your needs. Generally speaking, the sand casting […]

Types of Sand Used in Casting

sand used in casting

Are you engaged in the sand casting business? Or, Do you want to have detailed knowledge about the different types of sand used in casting? And today, here comes a piece of good news. This guide will be the best source of information for your reference. Firstly, let us have a relatively rough understanding of […]

A Complete Guide to the Investment Casting Process


Wax investment casting process is widely used to manufacture precision castings by investment casting manufacturers. It can cast metallic very precisely. The process of investment casting mold is to first form a ceramic, plaster, or plastic shell around the wax object. Then remove the wax and complete the investment moulding process. Finally, the metal is […]