Top 10 Investment Casting Companies

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Investment casting companies are manufacturers that mainly manufacture metal components through investment casting manufacturing methodology. We list and review the top investment casting foundries renowned for their high-quality castings and global presence. Whether you are looking for customized parts or are interested in learning about Investment casting companies’ capabilities, this ranking will help you understand the leaders in the investment casting industry.

Overview of the Investment Casting Market

The investment casting market was valued at at $18.32 billion in 2023. It is projected to have a steady growth rate of around 5.2% between 2024 and 2030, reaching an estimated value of $24.52 billion by 2030. This growth is in sync with key growing industries such as defense and aerospace. Machineries of industrial equipments also had growth and are demanding for investment casting parts. Meanwhile, the growth is not as high as expected because die casting has become the first choice for some machinery industries, through the innovation of products and technology. Asia market had a large share of the investment casting market, about 35% of global market, whereas North America is another prominent area. 

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting is popular and long-history method to make metal parts compared to other methods like welding and forging. It consists of making a model using wax, surrounding it by sand shells, and then pouring liquid metal into the hollow shell with wax removed. The shell is removed to obtain the metal part.

This method is good for making complex shapes that would be hard to do with other techniques. To learn more about investment casting production process, please read our articles on the investment cast process

Top Investment Casting Companies

There are different types of investment casting companies. Distinguishers can include main size range of products and binding agents in shell creation:

  1. Silica sol investment casting company: in this case silica sol is used for binding which is capable of creating smooth surface and high accuracy of shapes and dimensions. It’s also the top choice for producing high-value parts in stainless steel and medical equipments.
  2. Water glass investment casting company: this type of investment casting foundry uses water glass (sodium silicate) for the mold, and is the more traditional low-cost method. It has less accurate surface finish but could be cheaper than silica sol foundries. It’s also the most popular types in the world. Foundries with water glass process are reducing in volume in China, and China tighten its environment protection control. 
  3. Fast-dry investment casting company: it uses enhanced drying technique combining the characteristics of silica sol and water glass process. It’s beneficial for reducing lead time of production and has a balanced surface smoothness.

Investment casting companies often not only provide one single process, but some can also provide sand casting, gravity casting, and shell castings to provide the best quality and the most competitive price.

In this article, we mainly focus on foundries that have investment casting as its key capability.

Precision Castparts Corp.(PCC)

As one of the precision casting companies of complex metal investment casting parts, PCC is also a global market leader in precision casting products, airfoil castings, forged components, and key fasteners for aerospace applications.
In addition, PCC is also a leading manufacturer of airfoil precision castings for the industrial gas turbine market. As precision casting foundry, PCC also produces titanium and high-temperature alloys used in the casting and forging industries.


Dawang Steel Casting

Dandong Dawang Steel Casting has two investment casting factories, covering a total area of 95000 square meters, with more than 500 workers. Maintaining advanced production equipments, Dawang Foundry is known for its high production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 17000 tons.

The company is skilled in investment casting and has rich production experience in shell mold casting and sand casting. Dawang will customize the most cost-effective solutions for customers based on the size, performance, graphics, and material requirements of the parts they need, to meet their unique needs in different process fields.


MetalTek International

MetalTek International, located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is a custom metal investment casting foundry. It uses centrifugal casting, precision investment casting, sand casting, and continuous casting processes to provide precision castings for many industries. MetalTek has an extensive catalog of investment casting parts. These precision investment casting products almost meet the heat, wear, corrosion, and compliance requirements.


Signicast company

Signicast is one of the precision investment casting companies in the United States that provides precision castings, metal investment casting parts, and prototyping services. Their investment casting foundry is located in Hartford, Wisconsin.

As one of the well-known investment casting companies, Signicast’s competitive precision investment casting products and delivery time make them famous in the investment casting industry. Signicast has been striving to become one of the top precision casting manufacturers and uses the latest investment casting technology to ensure high-quality, high-volume precision castings production.


Ferralloy Inc.

Ferralloy Inc. is a global investment and precision casting ltd of metal investment casting parts, machined parts, forgings, etc. They provide precision investment casting services for more than ten industries and sell metal investment casting products to well-known brands such as Ford, AK Steel, and Mack. Ferralloy provides everything from engineering metal investment casting parts to inventory.


Hitchiner mfg. co., Inc

Hitchiner Mfg. Co., Inc., located in Milford, New Hampshire, is a precision castings inc specializing in precision thin-walled ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal investment casting. They provide complete printing services and can handle 100,000 metal investment casting parts per day.
 Hitchiner recently created a multi-layer investment casting process. This fuel-efficient and clean anti-gravity precision castings process eliminates the need for a sizeable burn-out furnace. It can reduce shell material and floor space requirements by as much as 70% and mold heating energy by 87.5%.
By significantly decreasing housing and thermal energy, the process also reduces waste and emissions. This allows them to handle the most challenging automotive, aerospace, and industrial precision castings.

Milwaukee Precision Casting

Milwaukee Precision Casting is one of the investment casting companies that provide precision investment casting products such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and cobalt for the military, medical and aerospace markets.

They are a full-service precision investment casting foundry headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee can manufacture metal investment castings ranging in weight from a few grams to 50 pounds and complete rapid prototyping, short-term and high-volume applications.


Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation

Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation is one of the outstanding investment casting companies and one of the largest metal investment casting suppliers in the United States.
Wisconsin provides services ranging from engineering support to alloy selection and custom casting parts design. The metal investment casting products manufacture a range in size from a few ounces to 20x22x24 inches, which can meet most of the customer’s product needs.
These precision investment casting and metal investment casting products are traditionally manufactured in manufacturing, welding, forging, or components.

Aero Metals, Inc.

Aero Metals, Inc. is a private metal investment casting company headquartered in La Porte, Indiana. Aero Metals has well-trained engineers, tool manufacturers and technicians. They can manufacture high-quality metal investment casting products and provide full-cycle process management until the final production. As one of the excellent precision investment casting companies, Aero Metals has passed industry certification and fully meets industry requirements.


U.S. Titanium Industry Inc.

U.S. Titanium Industry Inc. is one of the leading titanium investment casting companies.  As one of the professional titanium investment casting suppliers, they also manufacturer high-performance alloy plates, pipes, pipes, etc. They use casting, forging, and other metal processing technologies to provide domestic and international precision castings solutions. They work with global customers to offer high-quality performance materials from their investment casting foundry in Baldwin Park, California.



This article introduced the top 10 investment casting companies in the world. If you have questions about your investment casting project, feel free to contact us today! Wondering what are the investment casting companies near me? You can also consult with us to get free quotation! We hope this information will help you search for information about “investment casting companies” and “investment casting manufacturers.”

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