How Many Ways are There to form the Cavity Inside the Complex Castings?

Precision casting parts is not affected by the characteristics of complexity. For casting, there is a variety of complex inner cavity can adopt the following methods to form accordingly.

  1. the low required for casting and nonferrous alloy casting, when there is a big hole diameter or narrow gap and difficult to paint and sanding, phenolic resin sand mold core can be used or sodium silicate sand mold core.
  2. if the core is very tall to the requirement of casting and cannot meet the requirements, ceramic cores can be used instead Inner cavity
  3. when the casting is too complex and mold system also difficulty, can be pressed into a removable blocks; Or use water-soluble cores, that is, before pressing mold to place it in forming the corresponding position, make molten mould, will take the core melt make core mold release water soluble lost, to form the integral casting with complex inner cavity.

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