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How Many Ways are There to form the Cavity Inside the Complex Castings?


Precision casting parts is not affected by the characteristics of complexity. For casting, there is a variety of complex inner cavity can adopt the following methods to form accordingly. the low required for casting and nonferrous alloy casting, when there is a big hole diameter or narrow gap and difficult to paint and sanding, phenolic […]

After pouring process, the metal liquid contraction have any influence on casting quality?


After the pouring liquid metal, the shrinkage can be divided into three stages: liquid contraction since the pouring liquid metal into the shell to start before solidification is called liquid contraction. At this point, the metal is completely liquid metal reduced within a cavity volume shrinkage performance of the liquid surface. The higher the pouring […]

Discussion on Investment Casting Technology of Flat Castings


In the production of investment casting, people pay more attention to the castings with complex shapes, and take various measures in the process to obtain qualified castings, but the castings with one or more large planes are mistaken for simple, technologically It is also easy to ignore, and the general investment casting process is often […]