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Cast Iron Vs Stainless Steel

cast iron vs stainless steel

Cast iron vs stainless steel is nowadays one of the most popular discussions. People often like to know about this discussion for project application materials or house appliances. Whether for industrial use or house appliances, cast iron and stainless steel play a remarkable role. However, these two metals are widely popular in various industries. Cast […]

The Benefits of Casting Simulation in Metal Casting Process

casting simulation

We all know that metal casting is famous for manufacturing different metal shapes. The process involves pouring molten metal into a mould and solidifying it to create various metal parts and equipment. This process has been popular for centuries in metal manufacturing. Recently metal casting has been a part of modern manufacturing. Casting simulation is […]

How to choose the right metal casting foundry for your casting needs

casting foundry

Metal casting is a crucial metal shaping process responsible for most worldwide construction. However, a casting foundry is an essential place with high demand in various industries. These industries include automotive, aerospace, and many others. We know from the previous articles that metal casting is a metal-shaping process that creates metal parts of all complexities. […]

Forging vs casting : What are the differences between casting and forging

forging vs casting

Over the ages, many metallurgical factories have practised many metal fabrication technology. Consequently, these factories have gradually upgraded these techniques based on their generation requirements. In this case, forging and casting are standard metal fabrication methods. However, metal forging vs casting is one of metallurgy’s oldest metal reformation techniques. Both of these metal fabrication methods […]

How to Choose Suitable Casting Alloys for your Applications

casting alloys

Casting alloys are an integral part of the overall castings, which determines the casting’s mechanical and physical properties. It has an incomparable impact on different casting processes and target applications. However, we are already familiar with various metal casting processes. We mentioned in those guides that choosing suitable casting alloys is crucial. Therefore, we made […]

Sand Mold Casting: Everything you should know

sand mold casting

Metal casting is one of the oldest technology through which millions of metal products came into this world. From the very beginning of the human race, people used metal casting to make tools, weapons, shields, wheels, etc. Today the popularity of metal casting came to such a level that we can’t even manufacture any machinery […]