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Casting Tooling: For Different Casting processes

casting tooling

The metal casting process requires precise and durable casting tooling. Metal casting refers to pouring molten metal into the mold, where it cools and turns into the desired shape. The metal casting method can make most shapes, from DIY tools to complex engine parts. Casting tooling is the key to creating such precise and durable […]

Casting Design Considerations

casting design considerations

A good metal casting is an outcome of a qualified design engineer and his chosen casting foundry. It requires the proper casting design considerations and proper manufacturing techniques. Selecting an appropriate casting design to manufacture large or small metal castings is sometimes challenging. Casting design considerations are a reminder of the critical measures we should […]

Heat Treatment Process for Metal Casting

heat treatment

Perfect mechanical and physical qualities are necessary to form metals into various shapes. As a result, a metal undergoes some planned production procedures. Heat treatment is one of metal casting technology’s most important manufacturing processes. Metals are incredibly versatile, as we all know. It can take on a variety of shapes, from significant automobile parts […]

An Easy Guide to the Shell Moulding Process

Treatment of steel casting defects

The shell mould casting is categorized into a metal casting process, the same as sand casting. Mainly, molten metal is poured into an expendable sand-based mould in this procedure. Actually, it’s a thin-walled shell made using a mixture of sand-resin around a pattern. This process involves the resin-covered sand for moulding. A metal piece in […]

Gating and Risering System Design In Sand Casting

Gating and Risering System Design

It is crucial to make high-quality products with a low budget within a short period to survive in the competitive market. Beginners have to face many problems because of the quality of the poor product. We can call a gating system a basic design. It’s essential to build a smooth and proper filling of the […]

2 Different Types of Gating System in Casting Process

sand casting gating system

Investment casting is mainly associated with making different metal items with complex geometries in the metal casting field. Various factors affect yield percentage and cast quality, including the design of gating system in casting process. Good quality can reduce casting defects and increase yield percentage. Due to various benefits over the manufacturing procedure, the investment […]