What Is The Casting Shrinkage Rate of Various Alloys in Casting

Understanding the casting shrinkage of various alloys is important to maintain high quality of the final product. Casting shrinkage refers to the percentage reduction in volume of a metal during solidification and cooling. The shrinkage rates of different alloys vary significantly. In this blog, we will give the casting shrinkage of various alloys.

Types of alloyFree shrinkageHindered contraction
Carbon steel & low alloy steel shrinkage percentage1. 6 ~ 2.01. 3 ~ 1. 7
High Cr alloy steel shrinkage percentage1. 3 ~ 1. 71.0 ~ 1. 4
Ferritic austenitic steel shrinkage percentage1.8 ~ 2.21. 5 ~ 1.9
Austenitic steel shrinkage percentage2.0 ~ 2.31.7 ~ 2.0
Gray cast iron shrinkage percentage1.00.9
Nodular cast iron shrinkage percentage1.00.8

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